Women empowerment organizations in New York

Flower power! These women empowerment organizations in New York are giving their best to put the ladies on par with the gentlemen. Where it is education or civil rights, they are doing their best to achieve the ultimate goal.

Girl Rising

Their aim is to ensure that girls all over the globe are educated, empowered, and are working on reaching their full potential.

“Girls Rising” shares the stories of such girls from all over the globe. Their most recent one is about the 17-year old Somali girl living in one of the world’s largest refugee camps. She shares: 

“I was 14. I’d just come home from school and there were so many people at my house. Everyone was dressed up and I asked my mother what was going on but no one would tell me. More and more people just kept coming. Then my mother brought me a dress and said ‘Here. Put this on. You’re getting married. It was hard, but I’ve come out stronger. Before this happened I was shy and couldn’t look people in the eye. Now, I’m not scared of anything. Here at the school, I teach girls about their rights. I do this so that other girls don’t have to go through what I went through. I want them to know that it’s not unlucky to be a girl in Ethiopia.”

Girls Who Code

Coding is a global phenomenon. I’m sure that there isn’t another profession taking the whole planet as a storm in such a quick manner. Coding provides an interesting profession with flexible working hours and also gives you the opportunity to pick your own workplace. And is very well-paid.

Girls Who Code aims at closing the gender gap in STEM education. They provide funding for summer camps, school clubs, and various other programs. Girls Who Code are operating in every state in the US, and in Canada. They have been named the #1 non-profit on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2019 list.

Womanity Project

An NGO with a wide sphere of action, Womanity Project works not only with women (as the name suggests). Everyone is welcome to share their experience around gender, equality, and race. 

Their main activity revolves around creating multimedia presentations and community workshops to highlight stereotypes, both cultural and gender-based, and inspire connections based on respect and equality.

Equality Now

This organization is composed of lawyers and activists and usually takes action aimed at the government mostly for legal inequality. 

Their main sphere of work is sexual violence, sex trafficking, and genital mutilation. Equality now is to take credit for the 2012 UN resolution to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and resulted in the first U.S. law to criminalize sex tourism overseas.

A Call to Men

The organization works with communities to provide training and educate men and boys on the violence against women, sexual assault, and harassment, thus fighting toxic masculinity. A Call to Men promotes universal values like a healthy and respectful version of being an alpha male that respects everyone and everything. 

We are all created equal. As a person who is totally against all extremes, I do believe that gender equality is the only way to have a democratic, modern society. After all, your gender doesn’t have an effect on your personal qualities. These women empowerment organizations in New York, all over the US and the world are doing just that – they provide women of all ages the chance they deserve and the protection they need.   

There are a lot of organizations operating on Broadway and New York City in General. Some of them work with people with mental health issues. Others have decided to lend the kids in need a hand.