Time Well Spent: Summer Volunteering Opportunities

The voluntary service is highly appreciated in New York City. New Yorkers have the opportunity to volunteer in different organizations. It doesn’t matter if you help people with disorders, victims of domestic violence, or unprivileged communities. Let’s find out what are the summer volunteering opportunities in NYC:

Volunteer New York!

 Volunteer New York is a nonprofit organization established in 1950. Its mission is to engage youngsters and adults in voluntary work to increase the quality of life in a particular community. Everyone who wants to be a part of the positive change can volunteer and become a member of the organization.  

During the summer, Volunteer New York organizes a free virtual camp for volunteers – Camp Vollo. It is a two-week volunteer experience that aims to inspire young people (Elementary students and Middle/High School students)  to do voluntary service. All campers receive a list of daily volunteer activities that must be done. They also participate in an educational program about the serious problems that the community faces. The next Camp Vollo will be in August 2021. 

NYU Langone Health

NYU Langone Health is an academic medical center in New York City affiliated with New York University. It is amongst the best hospitals in the USA.

The medical center uses voluntary service to provide social support to its patients and their families. If you worry that your service will include assisting in medical treatment, there is no such thing. For example, some of the volunteer activities are providing information and compassion to patients and visitors, socializing with the kids, and providing comfort in case of emergencies.

NYU Langone Health has summer volunteer programs that are available only to people age 16 or older. Summer volunteers have to dedicate 120 hours of service divided into shifts of 4 and 6 hours. 

NYC Parks

The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation is responsible for maintaining the city parks and preserving their ecological diversity. NYC Parks also organizes different events – festivals, concerts, carnivals, and sports marathons. These events usually take place during the summer, so this is the season when NYC Parks seeks voluntary service.

If you want to meet new people and contribute to the beautifying of the public spaces, you can apply to become a volunteer on the NYC Parks website. You can choose to be a part of a music event or to participate in their activities of planting and cleaning. Sports marathons also require many volunteers who restrict the traffic and do not let pedestrians walk around. 

If you’re looking for summer volunteering opportunities, then be sure to check these organizations. It would certainly be time well spent!

Many organizations provide aid to those in need! And need volunteers!

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