Sunglasses and other New York City fashion trends

Fashion in New York City is a big thing. Let’s explore some of the coolest New York City fashion trends, including but not limited to sunglasses.

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Geometric sunglasses

The square frames are an upcoming fashion trend in the eyewear fashion in New York City. Why not spice up your style with the latest geometric models by the big designers?

Square sunglasses
Fair and square

Sunglasses shields

Another hot trend are the shields. Shield-shaped sunglasses are emerging as a fashion style in New York, so just buy a pair and be trendy.

Sunglasses shields
They look cool and rather steampunk


One of our favorite trends in eyewear – the butterfly-shapes sunglasses. They are cool and match almost any type of face.

Butterfly-shaped sunglasses
How cool can they get?

Oversized sunglasses

Want to attract attention to your face with these oversized sunglass frames? According to the New York Fashion Week designers, they are fashionable right now, so make sure you buy a pair this summer.

Oversized sunglasses
Oversized sunglasses are here to stay!

Tiny rounded sunglasses

Looking for a new trend in eyewear? Buy the tiny rounded ones, which are here to stay this summer.

Ozzy Osbourne – the standard-bearer of this trend!

Other summer fashion trends

Keep it casual

Everyday summer outfits in New York City are all for keeping it simple and casual. You can’t go wrong with dark skinny jeans and a simple white shirt in combination with a leather bag. 

Casual style girls
As causal as you can get

Elegant look

For a more stylish fashion look, go for a mini skirt and a long-sleet, coupled with high-heel sandals.

Elegant style woman

Grunge style and aviator sunglasses

For a more interesting New York fashion look, choose the grunge style. Go for a black top and skinny jeans in combination with aviators.

Bradley knows best

Fashionable navy stripes

Try on a navy and white striped T-shirt combined with a dark skirt or jeans and why not adding a fashionable strap clutch bag. It’s the ultimate New York fashion style for the summer. And don’t miss the high heels to be even more stylish.

Clean and fancy!

Rounded sunglasses, shorts, and pink lips

Last but not least, try a modern fashionable style by matching one color shorts with a T-shirt (silver is trendy this summer) and add rounded sunglasses and pink lipstick. New Yorkers will appreciate your trendy look.

Rounded sunglasses, shorts, and pink
Rounded sunglasses, shorts, and pink

Fashion in New York is all about what you like

Here’s the secret to New York’s fashionable look – stay true to yourself. Casual or elegant, rounded, or butterfly-shaped ones, it’s all about liking yourself. Enjoy the summer and show your trendy New York style to the world.