Strong women on Broadway Pt. 2

There are so many strong women on Broadway that we just can fill one article! We already men a portion of them, but there are just so many more that need mentioning! We have managed to gather (with ease) a second installment of the previous article. Meet them here!

Princess Diana (Diana)

A real-life story that (at last) made it to Broadway! A member of the Royal British family that was well-loved for her charm, charity works, love of art, and the mistreatment of the Royal family. 

Her relationships with Prince Charles and the Queen-Mother – Elizabeth II. Diana is widely underestimated by the court, but she quickly turns the tide in her favor. The Queen stays firmly by her son’s side – “love evolves and bends/and men take other friends”. 

“Diana” was set to premiere on March 2nd in the Longacre Theatre. The lyrics are by Bon Jovi’s David Bryan and Joe DiPietro who wrote the book, too.

Tina (Tina: The Tina Turner Musical)

Yet another real story that made it to the stage! “Tina” follows the story of its namesake – rock and roll legend Tina Turner – from her humble days as a chorus girl in Nutbush, Tennessee, to her move to St. Louis, her latter downfall, and her rise to superstardom with her grand concert in Brazil. 

This biographical jukebox shows her relations with her family, Ike Turner (their ups, downs, and fights), and German music producer Erwin Bach.

Janis Sarkisian (Mean Girls)

Mean Girls” is full of strong female characters, namely – Regina, Cady, and Janis. Janis, along with Damian, is the narrator of the show. They are the ones who introduce Cady when she arrives at the high school from Africa, and quickly become her friends.

Janis is considered to be an oddball and somewhat of a social outcast. This all comes from a story that was spread around by her former BFF – Regina George, the Queen Bee. Regina claims Janis lost it when she didn’t invite her to her birthday, but Janis claims that Regina called her a lesbian.

After Cady overthrows Regina and the latter release the Burn Book, Janis is invited to attend a school assembly where she states that:

Here’s my secret strategy

It always works because

The world doesn’t end

It just feels like it does

So raise your right finger

And solemnly swear

“Whatever they say about me

I don’t care!”

These strong women on Broadway can be used as an example. Tina used her fighting spirit to rise from a chorus girl from a rural community to a global superstar. Lady D is probably the most popular member of the British Royal Family ever. She managed to fight back an experienced politician as the Queen and to turn the common people of Great Britain (especially the women) against the ever-popular monarchs. Janis Sarkisian is the embodiment of modern-day women empowerment on Broadway. Her will to fight for her rights and for being who she is can be used as an example to all teenage girls in need. She might be a fictional character but she’s a real profile and we can see at least one like her in every high school. 

We need more like them! Women empowerment is a topic on Broadway and in the whole of the US! Meet the organizations that work in this field!