Strong Women of Broadway

There were always strong women on Broadway. Empowerment was always a topic in musical theater, and Broadway playwrights were never shied away from creating powerful female characters. Here are some of the best examples of women empowerment that you can see today on Broadway. And a bonus – they are paired in couples!

Elphaba and Glinda (Wicked)

Wicked’s polar opposites, the Wicked Witch of the East and The Good Witch are inseparable both as personalities and characters. Elphaba is shy at first, but after being mistreated and disappointed turns steadily into one of (if not the best) top anti-heroes on stage. Glinda is the ever-dutiful good witch is the typical knight in shiny armor – she confronts her former friend that has gone rogue – Elphaba. Those two share a long story together – total opposites even before their “heroic” days, being both friends and enemies through the play.

Regina George and Cady Heron (Mean Girls)

Just a couple of high school girls. What can go wrong? Well, apparently everything. Regina George is the Queen Bee – the scourge of the high school, along with her Plastic lackeys. She makes people flee in terror and Janis scream “She’s the apex predator!”. Cady is the quiet new girl that has just recently arrived from African savannahs. Regina takes Cady under her wing just to get her wing eaten by her young protégé. Cady takes command, only to get a retaliation by the spiteful Regina. Everything goes nuts, and someone even gets hit by a bus. But it all ends well!

 Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart (Chicago)

Quite similar to “Mean Girls” – the young upstart Roxie stole old dog Velma’s tricks. Roxie uses them to turn her murder trial into a vaudeville so she can prolong her 15 minutes of fame even by a second. She involves everyone – her husband Amos, and the high-profile lawyer Billy Flynn, who will do everything to get his hands on a red-hot case. What follows is the biggest vaudeville in law enforcement history, where Roxie does her best to keep the spotlight, even pretending to be pregnant. In the end, the case is dismissed, but there’s a hot duet on the horizon.

Elsa and Anna (Frozen)

If you’re a young parent then you should be very familiar with the adventures of those two. They are a couple of very young, yet quite strong women. Elsa is the strong-willed decisive leader that will lead any kingdom to glory. She leaves her domain, thought, in order to keep Anna and her royal subjects safe from her ice powers. Anna, still a child, is stubborn, hot-headed, and impulsive, but with a kind heart full of love. And just how she clocked Hans in the chin…Amazing!

Eurydice and Persephone (Hadestown)

What would you do if you can change places with someone? Someone who lives a prosperous, secure life? Would you exchange your life of poverty and freedom for a golden cage? They get meals in prison, too, you know…That is exactly what Eurydice with Persephone in this post-Apocalyptic take on the popular myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Eurydice becomes Hades’ mistress leaving poor Orpheus to live a more secure life in the underground factory/town. Just like in the Greek myth – Orpheus ventures to save her, but she’s tough enough to take care of herself, however having regrets over her decisions. She is not happy that she had taken down the path that Persephone tries to escape.

Musical theater was always a great tool for giving power to those that need it – be it by addressing sexism with the strong women on Broadway, giving those of color their due credit or shedding light over people with mental illnesses and their everyday struggles.

Harsh topics like mental illnesses and AIDS were always relevant on Broadway.