Shopping With a Cause: The Newest Trend Around

Of course, when you go shopping, you usually buy things yourself. feels good. But do you know what feels better? Knowing your purchase can also help those in need. The new trend in New York store is shopping with a cause. Whether it’s donating part of the sales to a worthy cause, or storing products that help others on the shelves, these New York stores will reduce the sense of introspection on clothes, shoes, and other necessities this season.

In Support Of

In a shopping area full of well-known designer names, the latest specialty store in the Meatpacking area provides support: a proponent of a budding independent designer (Franziska Fox, Gillian Steinhardt, William Okpo, etc.) can use a little more exposure. This store is an extension of Ivan Gilkes and Tanya Sheikh’s showroom Aikaz (called “Cause”). When the two decided to open this store, they worked to raise awareness of new designers and valuable careers. Gilkes said: “We want to use it as a tool to help situations that require domestic and international attention.” In Support Of has cooperated with Doctors Without Borders and the International Rescue Committee to help Syrian refugees and New York. Local charities in the city.


Rachel Shechtman used to be a marketing consultant for TOMS Shoes, and her shopping talent is the supplier behind this spacious boutique. The store took turns to collect a series of unique products from local companies and well-known brands. In order to reflect the editorial style of the magazine, Story will have Shechtman work with guest curators and architects every four to six weeks to reshape merchandise and decorations with novel themes (February love is appropriate). Give away selected gifts of the month, including JAMBOX wireless speakers ($179), Vosges gourmet chocolates ($4), and Simon Alcantara gold hoop earrings ($460). Shechtman also plans to hold a series of free and paid lectures, film screenings, concerts, and special events every month, turning Story into a cultural center for the neighborhood.

Exit 9

After 16 years in East Village, this weird gift paradise moved on the street, doubling the land excavated in the process. The well-lit, well-stocked space now resembles the location of Exit 9 in Brooklyn, with tiled floors, backlit wall shelves, and light wood display stands filled with silly merchandise (bandages like bacon strips, $6; giant Plush microbes, $9)) to stylish appearance (Eskuché metal-finished padded headphones, $49-149). The Narwhal wallet ($45) made from recycled ties and Raaka’s beautifully packaged unroasted grated chocolate bars ($5–$9) make for a beautiful presentation. Grab an Oxford picnic basket for four ($90) for an outdoor outing, or use some Voluspa candles to exude the scent of pomegranate and white currant ($30) to keep the apartment fresh.

Shopping with a cause always makes us feel better! The alternative markets provide some excellent presents!

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