Organizations working with veterans in New York

“To care for those who shall have borne the battle and for their families and survivors”. In case you don’t know – this is part of one of President Lincoln’s most famous speeches and is the motto of the US veterans. They form one of the most disturbed groups of US society. Due to the high distress of combat, they are suffering from numerous addictions and mental illnesses. So, several organizations have taken up the mission to help them. Here are some of the organizations working with veterans in New York

United War Veterans Council

The mission of the UWVC is to “honor and serve America’s veterans”. The UWVC usually supports and promotes a wide range of initiatives that provide vital services to our veterans’ community, raises positive awareness, and increase understanding of the needs of veterans, military service members, and their families through major public events and promotional activities, including the New York City Veterans Day Parade, and unites veterans groups, community organizations, city, state and federal agencies, local businesses, major corporations and the general public behind efforts to serve veterans of all eras.

You can find them at 245 W Houston Street #208, New York, NY 10014

Veterans Rebuilding Life

The VRL is a nonprofit organization that provides help to the victims of war. They help them in rebuilding their lives by targeting crisis areas and provide proven solutions.

They are the organization behind Project 360 – For veterans by veterans. It has three phases:

  1. 01 – Mentorship & Mediation
  2. 02 – Training & Employment
  3. 03 – Volunteer Service

Their address is 38-01 23rd Ave, Queens, NY 11105

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No 7096

One of the oldest organizations of its kind, The VFW traces its roots back to 1899 when veterans of the Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection. They have branches in Ohio, Colorado and Pennsylvania. 

The VFW was instrumental in establishing the Veterans Administration and the GI bill. They provide several programs like:

  1. National Home For Children
  2. Mental Wellness
  3. Car Donations For Vets
  4. Veteran Outreach

804 3rd Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11232, b/t 27th St & 28th St, Sunset Park

Pathfinder Labs

Every force has its Pathfinders. As a Pathfinder, you provide a needed service to others — information straight from the source, from those who have been there — while finding and receiving benefits yourself. is here to help all community members to move smoothly through any stage of reintegration.

Pathfinders can:

  • Search for and find organizations helping Veterans and families
  • If a resource isn’t listed, tell us about it so we can tell the community it exists
  • Connect quickly and easily with resources, opportunities, and services
  • Write a quick, 3-minute review of experiences with services assisting Veterans
  • Anonymously share the experience with others so they know what to expect

The veterans are one of the most vulnerable groups in modern society. Their problems need immediate action and everyone can help. If you’re willing to help you can always contact one of the organizations working with veterans in New York, as well as all over the US. 

There are many organizations working in NYC. Like the ones that provide support for people with mental illnesses. Or the ones that tend to improve gender equality.