Organizations That Work with LGBTQ Youth

The LGBTQ community is getting more and more recognition. However, many of them struggle in modern-day society. Here are some great organizations that work with LGBTQ youth!

Provide psychotherapy and suicide bar services for LGBTQ youth

The Trevor Project’s NYC branch is usually trying to find volunteers to assist with fundraising and reach in support of mental state eudaemonia in LGBTQ youth. supported in 1998, this organization work with 18- to 25-year-olds to make sure they need the support they have once facing a possible suicide crisis.

Support LGBTQ youth

The Ali Forney Center for LGBTQ Youth has numerous three-month-long volunteer opportunities in the city district, Queens, and Brooklyn. Prepare meals any day of the week, assist in substance, facilitate organize the donation closet, and facilitate workshops. Any and everyone skills will facilitate Ali Forney shoppers, eightieth of whom are kicked out of their homes once set out.

Bluestockings bookstall, Café, & Activist Center

Bluestockings, NYC’s terribly own volunteer-run (and feminist!) bookstall and community house wants volunteers World Health Organization will plan to operate weekly three-hour shifts commercialism books, organizing shelves, operating the restaurant, and serving to out at events. Stop by the look to fill out AN application and sense a radical book (maybe attempt unhealthy Feminist by Roxane Gay) on your answer.

Provide mental state support

The Icarus Project NYC, which finds inventive ways to market self-care and mental state awareness and support, is seeking volunteers to assist with policy, political theatre, community art comes, writing, and grassroots organizing. In 2020, the mythical being Project has been adding a lot of Zoom programming to debate the mental state and support systems and partnering with a large variety of organizations to any their impact on-line.

Whether you’ve got a full day to present or maybe simply a free hour, there square measure many opportunities to volunteer throughout NYC. And if 2020 gave the North American nation any reason to be happy concerning staying home, we will conjointly experience the very fact that several volunteer and fundraising opportunities have conjointly gone virtual, thus you’ll be able to facilitate the community through your smartphone or from the comfort of your couch, keeping everybody safe whereas still serving to out.

Support LGBTQ+ homeless youth

Hell’s Kitchen New Alternatives has paused cluster volunteering because of COVID-19, however, there square measure still many ways that to assist community members this year. be a part of New Alternatives’ Angel List, a listserv emailing out opportunities to share funds or products to fogeys in want, or give hygiene provides at underground Baptist Church at 410 West fortieth Street each Sunday from 4–7 pm. The organization conjointly encourages volunteers to host their own fundraisers, whether or not you wish to prepare a bake sale or direct vacation gifts to the shelter.


These organizations that work with LGBTQ youth provides these young people the comfort they need and to those willing to volunteer – a great chance to be of use to society!

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