Organizations on Broadway working with kids

Broadway might have a glamorous reputation, but it’s actually a place wide open for everyone. Along with the top-grossing Disney shows, that are currently ruling Broadway, there are several organizations that are working in the field of bringing children to Broadway. Here are the organizations on Broadway working actively with kids.

Rosie’s Theater Kids

Established in 2003 by (and named after) iconic actress Rosie O’Donnell, this organization has taken up the mission to bring performing arts closer to kids. 

The program is divided into phases and each one of them carries a certain goal. 

  • Phase 1: PS Broadway; goal – to ignite: this is a 15-week, in-school program that must introduce kids to American musical theater. The majority of the participants are from low-income families or of color. That is why the program is completely free for the participating children.  
  • Phase 2: ACTE II (Lower School); goal – to immerse: literally meaning A Commitment to Excellence, this is the program for outstanding graduates of PS Broadway. Students, that have graduated from the 5th grade receive a full scholarship. The selected students go through an intensive training course in preparation for specialized high schools in NYC.
  •  Phase 3: ACTE II (upper school); goal – to invest: a natural extension of ACTE II. Dedicated to high school, this phase of the program provides aid in all aspects of high school life, like SAT training and colleague guidance. 

52nd Street Project

The 52nd Street Project is a community-based project, and one of the prominent organizations working with kids on Broadway. The organization is based in Manhattan and works in the field of poetry, photography, design, dance, stage combat, filmmaking with the goal of enhancing life skills and learning.

What makes them famous on Broadway are their theater programs:

One-On-One – their fundamental program. It pairs kids with playwrights. The goal is that the playwright writes a play by following the guidelines of the kid. They rehearse it, and then perform the play for the audience.

Playmaking-Stage One, Replay, and Playback – similar to the One-On-One. The kids, along with and adult counterpart, create a play, rehearse it, and present it at Columbus Day in Five Angels Theater.

The Teen Project – a two-year program, that is meant to bring it all together – theater design in the first year, and playwright and acting in the second. There are no auditions required for the program, it is designed as a second step for people from the first one.

Broadway is bright, shiny, and glamorous! And must be accessible for everyone, and these charities working with kids on Broadway do just that! The earlier you build the love for musical theater in a child, the better!

Broadway is no stranger to serious topics, like AIDS and mental issues.