Holiday Events in New York: What to Do and Where to Go Around Christmas

New York is a popular Christmas destination due to the many things happening in town around the holidays. Here are the best Holiday Events in New York.

The Bronx Zoo’s holiday lights

The city was buzzing last year when the Bronx Zoo decided to reintroduce its popular Christmas lights for the first time since 2007. This year, the event will be held in a smaller space, providing enough space for social distance, but visitors can expect the zoo to have more lights and decorations than at any time in its history. The popular animated lights of the New York Zoo’s popular LED light show are returning this year. Entertainment includes various festivals – themed music, stilt and Christmas tree lights. 

Tickets for the show must be purchased in advance this year, but are already available here, and on November 20, visitors can see the Christmas lights on selected dates in the New York park district. 

The Greens winter cabins at Pier 17

Granted, it’s a pretty spectacular sight, and New York City shines brighter on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day than any other city in the US. The cabins can accommodate up to 10 guests and are available in various colors, from red, white, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and green. 

Christmas in New York

Santa Claus is back in vogue this year from November to the end of December, and Santa Claus will be performing at the Boilermaker in the East Village. Get the most out of the New York City holidays with a Christmas movie to watch with your family, ice skating in Bryant Park or do lots of festive things. The miracle will be back at Mace’s Cabinet, and the festive bar will always serve a variety of festive drinks, from beer and wine to wine and spirits. 

Miracle holiday pop-up bar

Of course, a pop-up wouldn’t be complete without a soundtrack of Christmas carols to ring in the holiday season and New York City in general. 

It’s not about charity or mutual aid, but you should drop by to donate fresh perishable produce to neighborhood and community refrigerators to feed hungry bellies and fight food inequality in New York. The refrigerators are popping all over the city, and the first refrigerator is being set up in Bed-Stuy by a grassroots activist organization. 

The Steamy Hallows’ hot potion bar

You can choose from nine varieties of hot cocoa, including salted caramel and specialty teas and coffees priced from $5 to $10 each. For those who don’t know, Steamy Hallows is a Harry Potter-inspired cafe in Manhattan that closed late last year and left Potter as a sorcery spot for the flock. Starting on Black Friday, New Yorkers can get hot Harry Potter-inspired drinks at the door. Imagine not having to leave your apartment to get a hot drink in winter, and not just any drink, but the SteamyHallows hot drink bar has creatively designed “hot drinks” that you can order in a variety of flavors, from hot chocolate to hot tea and coffee. 

Hanukkah in New York

At the annual Latke Festival, you can try latkes and other delicious fried foods, and you won’t return to this format. So gear up for the eight-day celebration and warm up with a wintry cocktail or deep-fried food. L’Chaim says yes, but it’s also one of the most popular holiday events in New York, with over 1,000 events a year, from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day. 

NYC New Year’s Eve

The pressure is always immense to have the best time you have had on New Year’s Eve and to enjoy it. Join the Festival of Lights to ring in 2021, and other festivities include the New York State Fair, the first ever New Year’s Eve fireworks display, Christmas Eve fireworks, and the opening of the world’s largest Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Christmas is the season of charity!