Famous actors suffering from mental illnesses

Many famous actors are suffering from mental illnesses. These celebrities use their fame to help people overcome serious mental diseases. They speak publicly about private problems to show the audience that fame does not matter when it comes to health. People are less ashamed of their health condition when they hear their idol sharing a similar experience. Here are some famous actors who have spoken openly for their mental disorders:

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is an American singer and actress. She became famous for the role of Mitchie Torres in the Disney Channel musical film “Camp Rock”. Lovato was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and at the age of 18, she went into rehab. She also shared that in 2011 she had suffered from bulimia, she had also cut herself and abused cocaine. In an interview from the same year, she says that the more you talk about your mental illness, the less of a taboo it becomes.  

Back in 2017 on her YouTube channel, she posted a documentary called Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated. She spoke in a video about her problems and shared that she still struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction. In 2018 she overdosed on oxycodone laced with fentanyl. 

In 2020 Lovato returned to the stage for the first time since her overdose. She performed a song called “Anyone” at the Grammys.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She played the role of Ally in the romantic musical A Star Is Born. 

In 2016 during a visit to a homeless shelter for LGBTQ youth Gaga revealed that she had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Gaga has been a victim of sexual violence. When she was at the age of 19 she was raped by a music producer. The singer shared that the support she received from doctors, family, and friends helped her overcome the trauma. 

Her confession raised awareness about PTSD because the disorder was mainly associated with war trauma, not with sexual violence. 

Robin Williams

Robin Williams was an American actor and comedian. In 2014 he committed suicide by hanging at his home.

Williams was addicted to cocaine during the ’70s. But when a good friend of his overdosed and died the actor quitted drugs and alcohol. Later he admitted that he had never quitted alcohol and in 2006 he checked himself in a rehabilitation center. 

The reason for his suicide was not alcoholism or drug addiction. After the autopsy, it turned out that the actor had diffuse Lewy body dementia. This illness causes fear, anxiety, paranoia, and insomnia. Before his death, Williams had suffered from depression and anxiety. 

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is an American actor who has won one Oscar and three Golden Globes. He has played in many big productions like Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, The Wolf of Wall Street.

DiCaprio revealed that he suffers from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). People with OCD have an uncontrollable desire (obsession) to perform particular acts and behaviors. The person performs the act until it is done “right”. Leo’s OCD is to step on every gum stain on the street and to cross doorways several times. The actor shared that he can control his obsessions but during the shooting of “The Aviator” he played the role of a person who had OCD so he did not control himself in order to create the character’s personality better. 

Famous people are not immune. Many times they share the same problems as us. However, the actors suffering from mental illnesses are on the forefront – they share insight, shed light, and provide funding for organizations that work in the field.

Some of those actors portrayed characters with diseases. And these Broadway shows give voice to some serious mental issues. Check these organizations if your cause is fighting AIDS.

Broadway is a complex issue. On one hand it provides a great take on some serious issues like the illnesses mentioned above. On the other hand – it can be a great source of prevention!