Christmas Charities in New York: A Chance for a Better Christmas for Those in Need

From helping to cure childhood cancer to feeding the homeless, here are some simple ways to give this Christmas season a gift. These Christmas charities tend to bring the holiday spirit to those in dire need!


Since the program’s inception, Macy’s has raised more than $100 million for the nonprofit. After writing your letter, throw it into one of Macy’s’ huge red mailboxes and send it to Santa at the top of the Christmas tree outside New York Children’s Hospital. 

For nine years, children and adults have been able to visit Macy’s and write letters to Santa to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Each year, Macy’s raises more than $1 million in partnership with New York City Children’s Hospital to help children with critical illnesses. Whether you are giving gifts, visiting with your family or giving gifts to others who are less fortunate, be part of this year’s gift – and give time to children in need. 

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

While people continue their Christmas shopping, they can also help fight childhood cancer by shopping at New York Children’s Hospital. Click here for more information or visit their website to add a donation to your purchase at one of their stores. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital was always very proactive when it comes to Christmas charities.


The mission of this non-profit organization is to provide homeless children with a transitional life and to develop programs that help break the cycle of poverty. During the Christmas period, when people buy books on the dare2b website, half of the proceeds will be donated to improve the lives of homeless children in the city. Daredevils is a New York-based charity that works with local charities, schools, hospitals and other organisations around the world to help homeless children’s towns. This season they are working with a local homeless shelter, the Salvation Army and other charities. Guests are encouraged to leave the room with soft second-hand clothes if there is no room for them. 

1 Hotels

The items will then be donated to a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the two crises of homelessness and AIDS. The clothes donated at Hotel # 1 help raise funds for life-saving HIV-related diseases such as AIDS, HIV / AIDS, and tuberculosis. 

The Salvation Army’s annual Christmas party at Hotel 1 in New York City on Christmas Eve, December 25, from 11: 30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 


The fashion company is offering stylish shoes and glass bags for the Salvation Army’s annual Christmas party on Christmas Eve, December 25, from 11: 30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Hotel 1 in New York City. Tom is the founder and president of Tom’s Shoes, a charity that has a tradition of providing shoes, water and safe childbirth to needy people. When people buy him shoes, including checked slippers, he donates a pair to the needy every year. 

Habitat for Humanity

If you want a house, consider building it yourself, and volunteers can hang, paint, install, and paint insulation. The New York City Housing Authority, one of the world’s leading charities for low-income families, is committed to supporting low-income housing and providing affordable housing for people in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queensboro. 

Millions of New Yorkers live on food stamps, and the New York City Food Bank, the largest food bank in the United States, provides food assistance to more than 1.5 million low-income families in New York City. 

City Harvest

Volunteers and donations are welcome, but when the need is great, resources are often stretched to the limit, especially during the holiday season. 

Dress for Success

Dress for Success provides low-income women with the resources and education to get a job, and old business relationships could help others find that job with a better future. They also have more storage space, but are considering moving out of the closet, which is currently occupied by suits. 

New York Blood Center

Blood donations have saved the life of Matthew Long, a New York City firefighter who was hit by a bus on his way to work. Two days after the accident, his life depended on 68 transfusions, and without voluntary donors it would not have been possible to save him. 

They roll up their sleeves and donate blood to keep the New York City Fire Department and its firefighters running even in the midst of the worst emergency of their lives. One of the Christmas Charities that must be addressed all year long.

Mayor’s Alliance for Animals

They support organisations large and small that find homes for stray cats and dogs and prevent the euthanasia of hundreds of thousands of animals. They also promote castration, repatriation and repatriation programs to reduce the city’s huge wildlife population. Consider donating your time to caring for these animals, rather than just building a cage. 

These NYC-based Christmas charities provide aid to those in need and also carry the holiday spirit of charity and good-will with them. They also accept volunteers! Just like the Food Bank!

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