American organizations fighting HIV/AIDS

AIDS is the plague was the plague of the 20th and as things go – of the 21st century. That is why several American organizations took up fighting HIV/AIDS as their main cause.

HIV/AIDS stands for Human immunodeficiency virus infection and Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It is a sexually transmitted infection that weakens the immune system to a level it cannot protect the organism from any other infections and viruses.

The first known case of the disease was a man from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His blood sample contained a trace of the virus. That happened in 1959. Twenty years later the virus has spread all over the world and the 80’s in the USA have been years marked by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Who are the organizations fighting HIV/AIDS

Through the years many famous people have been infected with the virus – actors (Larry Kert, Charlie Sheen, Amanda Blake), models (Gia Carangi), singers (Freddie Mercury, Conchita Wurst). Some of them died. But all of them made a contribution to lowering the number of the infected. They gave publicity to the serious damages that the virus causes to the organism. They pointed out the need for sexual protection which will prevent people from infecting each other.

New York was one of the most affected cities by the HIV/AIDS epidemic during the ’80s. Nowadays the number of diseases there is still high but this is not surprising. New York is the most populous city in the USA. Its population’s social status varies greatly. New York has a very big gay society, which was at high risk of the virus back in the ’80s. Today many institutions provide sex education for youngsters in order to decrease the number of infected.

Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC)

This is a volunteer community-based AIDS service organization. It was founded in 1982 during the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Its main purpose is to end the AIDS epidemic and to make the life of diseased people better.

The organization provides different services that support HIV-positive people. There is even a safe space where the infected discuss all of the topics that concern them. GMHC provides help not only through education which serves as prevention from future infection, butit also gives emotional support – there is no judgment or discrimination shown.

Despite the fact that the organization started as a support to the male gay people, it is now aiming to help anyone who suffers from HIV/AIDS. Its headquarters are in New York.

American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR)

It is another organization formed due to the AIDS epidemic. AmfAR is an international nonprofit establishment that aims to decrease HIV infection by supporting sexual education, AIDS,  discover new ways of prevention.

The foundation now has headquarters in three big cities – New York, Washington D. C and Bangkok (Thailand). It provides funding to many organizations that are struggling to find an effective cure against the virus.

Many celebrities (not only those who are infected) have founded organizations that support HIV-positive people.

Happy Hippie Foundation

This one is founded by Miley Cyrus. It raises money in order to support homeless and LGBT young people who are infected with AIDS. Its aim is not only to prevent infection but to fight poverty and gender discrimination. Happy Hippie runs different campaigns that reach at-risk communities. All gathered donations go directly to those in need.

Broadway is, was, and will always be a strong side when along the organizations fighting HIV/AIDS. Here are five famous actors who took part in fighting HIV.