Celebrities with AIDS

HIV/AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease which there is still no cure for. It affects the immune system and stops its normal functioning. Thousands of people all over the world suffer from this virus. There are many celebrities with AIDS. Although the disease is a serious threat and brings changes in all aspects of life, there is one positive thing about being a celebrity with HIV/AIDS. Famous people can use their popularity in order to emphasize the serious consequences the virus leads to. Here is a list of HIV-positive celebrities.

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American organizations fighting HIV/AIDS

AIDS is the plague was the plague of the 20th and as things go – of the 21st century. That is why several American organizations took up fighting HIV/AIDS as their main cause.

HIV/AIDS stands for Human immunodeficiency virus infection and Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It is a sexually transmitted infection that weakens the immune system to a level it cannot protect the organism from any other infections and viruses.

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Strong Women of Broadway

There were always strong women on Broadway. Empowerment was always a topic in musical theater, and Broadway playwrights were never shied away from creating powerful female characters. Here are some of the best examples of women empowerment that you can see today on Broadway. And a bonus – they are paired in couples!

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Mental issues on Broadway – Top 5 shows dealing with them

Broadway never shied away from harsher topics. It explored issues like murder and infidelity, love triangles, high school bullies. You can even see actors of color playing the all-white Founding Fathers. Mental issues are among them.

There are several shows, highlighting this scourge of modern society. We’ve picked 5 plays dealing with mental health issues on Broadway, and their consequences.

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